Natalia Artemova's project 'MERCURY'.

MNews 2014.

Hello everyone contact from every net where is author's account has been closed.
I hope you are well and you will know my news, news of my creative works and projects via so issues because:
  • I want to keep in contact;
  • I do want to know support everyone for my activity;
  • I want to invite everyone of my contacts from social nets and business nets to create world of yours thoughts and discussions at MyStarWEB: new format for dialogue, true format for future and long swimming by the ship of my creativity.

    Fast 'MNews 2013' issue plus iCalendar 2013 plus presentation of author's Project 'MERCURY' are made to file.pdf and you can meet these projects again and again, and again at 2013...

    Get file and enjoy: - password for connection to 2013.rar and password into archive-file you can look inside message has been sent to your email with link to this issue and with an invite to author's Project 'MERCURY' network

    So, Via activate invitation link you can:
    Create accounts for yours business contacts, friends and colleagues; Present yours interests, yours ideas, words and activities.

    Important: According action "Great start', everyone account will get access to any subscription on MyStarWEB of free membership.

    If you do not wish to speak yours IP or address you can tell only so: IP and for address: City, street, house number. You can use this default setting for these points of form for basic-account and you will access to so: free membership in the future, too.

    Also you can create account without personal photo to avatar and you will access to so: free membership in the future, too.

    'Social' subscription of Membership 'Welcome' is membership for some points of action 'Great Start' and for certain you will get 'Social' subscription of Membership 'Welcome': free for the present and future-time.

    Accounts in full edition will take 'Welcome'-membership in test period only, further they are can change this subscription of free membership to any subscription of 'Cyber' membership or another or stay by latest rules for club.

    Project 'MERCURY' is starting for test format for free-membership only for some period. This period can take 2-10 months.

    Some sub-projects: coctail-bar 'Dreams' will connect to June 2013, 'Kaleidoscope' with news-paper in full format with world political news will connect after 'Spicashop' has been started, because: newspaper 'Kaleidoscope WorldNews' has closed to let out on invalid social net '@' and we can let out free paper for some themes only: travel and animals.

    Everyone account has point of form: causes. There you have tell cause why are you invited. If you do not remember where author met you, you can tell just: mnews.

    Mnews sheet has been formed since 2008 in more system of net: we had one purpose - make contacts for news by author Natalia Artemova. Certainly, social net and net always was created for so news but I like to use own services with not sharing anything with another nets, authors and publishing houses.

    So, you are invited to ' : author's Project 'MERCURY' network.

    At test period you can meet every project, learn each project, to choose a subscription for youself.

    TECHNICAL information.

    PLEASE, do not remember: network are starting fot test period and some services cannot work right.
    Now we have Requirement for the big throughput mail-service but there will some invalid-points, for sure ...

    If any point of form or service is not working right, you can post this bug to Forum 'ourSTYLE' for section 'Support' or via contact form.

    If you do wish unsubscribe from off this news, send, please, via form or since your email: UnSUB. We will not disturb you further. Any email will unsubscribed after ask has been got without problem.

    At any time you can join 'MEDIAcommunity' and get next MNews issue, if you did unsubscribed off this list via error.


    In starting: test-period we will change for connection to network in format 'Social' for accounts without information for connection to the author's club.

    Do you know what is membership on another clubs? Some clubs demand Guarantees from anothers members and Extracts from accounts of bank or balances of the companies: yes, some clubs have the minimum threshold of well-being for first-wishing for connection to membership.

    So, if you do wish to access club 'MERCURY' via you have to tell your IP, all points of form for every account via Also you do agree accept rules for club and respect world-culture and also culture and religion of every country and person.

    Inside has been prohibited to use electonical translator (you can use soft on local computer whech is not connection into net and will nor connect in the future). Nothing information can to be transfer via electronical translator, Conversations and words, post to external forums or etc.

    'MERCURY' is opening for members and is presented world for members.

    Author's almanac 'Stage-Coach' and 'Stage-coach. Express' will come soon. If you do understand this, un-professional language by author, you can create account in full edition and, for sure, will get almanac to April-June and 'Cyber' membership in the future: when test perion has been ended.

    I have plan to let out issue to Feb 20 2013 but weather can add changes ...

    If you do not understand this language well, you can create account for subscription after new announcmemt: at May-June. After 'SpicaShop' has been started as market-place, you will get almanac in professional translation, i hope.

    However inside is prohibited to post trade-mark, web-address of any organisation, publishing house or any juridical person and market-place address via or after posted to forum 'ourSTYLE', blog or ...

    News of projects and technical issues of presentation latest changes via personal author's account:

    'Kaleidoscope WorldNews' :

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