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Information about latest attack to sites will access via forum 'OurSTYLE' in i-club.
Some items of these information are re-presented here:

We hope make back answer to them in the present and future.

All our sites have been migrated out off USA location - such cat Yan has been re-presented via Twitter Sep 2011.

  • May 2012
    Account closed on Myspace and Google+.

    Will has been closed account on !!! ecademy.

    Probably you do know any item for keeping in contact and do use this in any time.

    In social networks we are met, but social.networks are virtual train station, i-cafe, online summit where we have met but ... everyone of us has world, life and interests ... If you came to this web-site, you do know where is my world.

    Until ... Jan 2013 You can take up free subscription to author's club and hope you do know how do it.

    Are you invited? Welcome: an invitation will send in some months.

    Feb 10th 2012.
  • For friends, contacts and etc from any social, business network, email's AddressBook where friendship has been closed.

    January 20th 2011.
  • Subscription 'Mercury.Social' is took on Networks: 'Media Community' at this site. Since June 21th 2011 you have to create account on Network at this site. You will get every issue of the author's almanac 'Stage-Coach. Express' only here. Now you can Sign UP to the 'Media Community' Club's public Network: MEDIA Community

    Some 'Media Network' (ELGG) accounts will be transfer to 'Media Community' by admin.

  • Reader will GET the author's eClub BONUS in english to July 31th 2011 - author's e-magazines and papers in 2010's edition: 'Sail 4' with New Year's attachment, 'Moon digest 1-2', 'Stage-Coach 1-2', Presentation issues 'herHero' according eClub's rules.

  • Reader can take FREE any other eClub's subscription according eClub's rules.

  • Subscription 'Mercury.Cyber' or 'Mercury.Business' is took on Networks: 'MERCURY' at this site.
    'Mercury' will restore work until July 31th 2011 on new server after migration.

    Accounts of artist will be restore on 'Mercury' from 'MUSIC' by admin.

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  • Everyone Reader are Participating in someone eClub's actions with prizes.

  • Readers will GET FREE almanac 'Stage-Coach' in the future.
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    You're eligibling to win 1 of 15 prizes in some actions for eClub's readers. Winners will be drawn January 2012 in 'Mercury News'.

  • Activity readers: Everybody you're comments and msg that I'm is your Top-friends take part in eClub's action for win 1 of 5 prizes.

  • eClub 'Mercury': 7 prizes.

  • Author's prize. Any of all readers are eligibling to win 1 of 3 prizes.

    Will be present in 'Stage-Coach 3'.
    More read: '2010's Mercury News' in 'Stage-Coach 1-2'.

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    Natalia Artemova's Club 'MERCURY.Cyber' subscriptions

    FULL FREE for members of Club's Net 'MEDIA Community'.

    WELCOME to author's Club network: SIGN UP

    You can sign up to the Club's network just but You will get subscription 'Cyber.Social' and will take author's almanac '' after making personal page with personal photo for avatar and info about your location (country, State).

    NEW !!!

    Only people from Network at author's site will be get free almanac 'Stage-Coach. Express' from author Natalia Artemova at any of next months and in the future.


    ELGG - Media Network is canceled.

    We ask everyone person make transfer account to Media Community (full access will open since July 3th): yours blog, message and avatar.
    At least some accounts will transfer by admin and login information will be send to email. We have been planed to closed this network until July 5th but all account's login are invalid after any restored here therefore ...

    Thanks for understanding. Site has been migrated to the two server per 5 days ... Without comments but after so migrations - it is very luck that we are met again.

    MUSIC - Network for artists - is canceled. All accounts will be transfer to 'Natalia Artemova's Club Mercury' by admin. All information will be send to email.

    CLUBJOIN - SPECIAL free sign up to the author's Club has been ends June 21th 2011. All account has been migrated to 'Natalia Artemova's Club Mercury' Network.

    Author's site has access to 2 applications on new server therefore all application cannot be migrated and works now. We make Most optimum variant: here will be work 'Natalia Artemova's Club Mercury' with blocks: personal page, forum, blog, news, chat, and 'Media Community'. Thanks for understanding.

    IMPORTANT !!! For readers who are registered in Club until March 31th 2011.

    By reasons migration site to new space, yours accounts will be transfer to new space to June 2th 2011. All information has been sent to e-mail.

    IMPORTANT !!! For Contacts from VIADEO.

    By reasons capture my account and blocking of access to forum, messages, cards of address book - All information will be send to e-mail.

    Any invitation for doing the Club's subscription will open access in any limit time: 1 day, 2 days, 20 days or other period you are give access to open new subscription.

    In this time Everyone eClub's readers can make full account's form (add avatar, State, location, subscription, Url - address of your page on Social Net - after migration this site to new server and end making restore works.

    It is necessary, to come in account once into one month: eClub does not work through reader's e-mail (any exception will be individual). Account has form with block 'Note' - there only you are read all information: password for issue e-magazine, answer to your question etc. It is not reading other people - it is Club for readers with author's bonuses into subscription.

    All work with form on account: 'Edit Profile' -> open form -> doing changes or receiving information -> Save Changes.

    Bonus: author's almanac will let out on June 2011 with presentation version some detective and romance novels, rules author's eClub and some articles of 'Moon digest', 'Dolphin' and presentation e-projects 'herHero' and etc. Think, you will know Natalia Artemova's creativity works.

    Link for eClub's bonus has activation in 5 days.

    All accounts will activate (Behind exception by admin because older site's space had problems(???) if we are did migration. In any next period for opening access to take subscription everyone e-mail has to be CONFIRMED.

    Link have get in 5-20 minute for Activation of new account. If link is not got, you have to register new account for other e-mail. eClub does not recommend join account with e-mail in

    Author's book will present for sale after open self-publishing. Author has problems since having not country but testing - free period for e-Club are making has end soon. Subscription 'Cyber' will remain free for author's friends from Social Nets.

    Read mini-information 'What is author's eClub?' and any subscription: Cyber, Basic, Art etc - in next days. Read author's news in account on Social Net. If you are here in nowaday: you are knowing address of the page which is open for everyone friend from social net.

    Unfortunately, nowaday I cannot guarantee that subscription 'Mercury.Cyber' will be open world of author's New Horizonts for friends on Social Nets because my pages on any Social Net are not having services.

    Sometimes on someone Social NETs:

    I cannot wanting to make a large page therefore they are cut off everyone friends since X page of my friends List. Probably, they has limit for free profile but I do not know it.
    My Stream is not my stream for someone days ...
    I cannot see my Mood is published in Panel for all friends after presentation my words...
    SocialNets are not understand that they are not have rigths to send messages to my e-mail with password to my profile. I make settings for canceled so service but they continue so letters.

    My TOP-friends are changes without me.

    Friend's comments are not opened in any moment.

    Someone author's page was canceled without warning for me. Example, author's page on Akazoo with 475 friends is closed so.

    I wanted make eClub action 'Subscription 'Mercury'' for one large page on MySpace for true lucky of people and prizes. I cannot make so because my large page is not working. I wanted ... I'm is wanted ... Think, I wanted is not right ... because

    I invite you to my world to my site ... If you want read author's e-magazines and book, welcome.

    This page is opened for everyone author's friend from any social Net: if you got invitation, You can speak in english, you can understand so words in english - you have take free subscription (Cyber) and get author's almanac 'Stage-Coach' in the future - free for so subscription.

    eClub will work by powered external application 'Xoops'. I'm is not changed design and some elements of external design for this application because this application is worked in test-format for eClub and code of this script have problems for any changes.

    If I take other application for eClub works, I will transfer accounts of readers without new sign up to eClub.

    Link for Internal post is add to any account: 'View Account -> edit account' will open form with all item for reader.

    Upload personal avatar: 'View Account -> Avatar'

    'Xoops' is very good application for secure job on private eClub.

    After confirmation of your e-mail you can make full form or nor more word. Subscription 'Mercury.Cyber' is your name, url of your page on Social Net, country, age and personal photo for avatar - only.

    You can get other subscription - as free now: example, 'Basic' to receive other bonuses for eClub's readers, but so subscriptions will not free in the future.

    After check of your form (URL of yours page on Social Net), your location, age, personal photo - your account will be add to 'Mercury.Cyber' for some privileges on author's eClub.

    Now site has limit for work and services, therefore you have to join only today or later ... but any limit at one time comes to the end.

    In the end April will present bonuses of author's eClub: HERE for readers with 'Mercury.Cyber'. More read in Special information of eClub.

    What are author's e-magazines and papers?

    All e-magazines with papers are made, are written, are edited by author. All editions author make are according the knowledges, understanding of the world, development, values and priorities of interest.

    Representing a right to receive the author's editions free-of-charge I have only one purpose: to present the creativity works and materials are becoming useful, interesting and entertaining for you.

    The reception eClub's bonuses is postponed for such objective reason, as languages, for someone reader.

    I want to warn, that English is not my native language: I write in the other language, which is very much combined, by the way, in my statement. I think also to carriers of my language are understand my way to write difficultly, but in so translation, for certain, author's text will lose charm in 75 percent off.

    Therefore, receive full complete eClub's bonuses in the event only that you understand my English.

    If you are not understand my text heavy, you can receive the same editions, but after opening self-publishing commercial activity only. I hope, there will be such event in 2011, but... On January-February I have only impasses and gloomy to the decision for my problems are opening my self-publishing activity depends.

    In some weeks or months after opening sales of the books, I will be hiring an interpreter to translate my books and e-magazines in English, Spanish and Portuguese. eClub will be works in french too if ... so there will be circumstances.

    I want say, that since February 2010 I have stopped mass distribution eClub's bonuses. You will get these e-magazines in 2010's edition and, probably, same bonuses will be receive any person will buy so much author's books are open a right for receive any eClub's subscription. But you have such right and will get your complete set eClub's bonuses in any case.

    On site you can read announcement of the editions: to 2010's edition are made some changes which are dictated by the time simply.

    For example, in "Moon digest" the add of the heavenly phenomenon of July 2011 and some characteristic of strong-willed change to a situation by rhythms Uranium's ingress has changing not only outlook, but also world order, equally is given. Great transit of a powerful planet...

    You know, what is ingress and transit? Not? Read digest and... Try to learn to understand astrological mentality.

    Is it Difficultly? And I speak so - it is difficultly.

    Most important article of digest: "What is the astrology - science or mystery?" will openthe astrology's world. To not understand, why astrology is ranked to mystery, to open no horizon of mystery is explained by science, is impossible. Read this article - one, two, five, hundred times to answer questions are formulated by the time against the astrology and for protection non-recognition.

    Magazine "Sail" with paper "Dolphin" are submitted well on site.

    The paper "herHero" is present subjects of the help for animal and nature. Cat Yan Will Tell in this paper.

    The theme of care for animal is entered in July 2010: first, I have opened page on Twitter for cat Yan and he began to speak, second, he will speak in the paper, third, he will apply a maximum themes to make useful paper for cats, dogs, leos, coalas and all fluffy and not so of lumps: warm both obstinate, defenceless and predatory, wild and tender, which we are obliged to protect and to rescue.

    The special instruction: in the project I am is helping for animal, but to not protest against a nature.

    Some words about the author's almanac "Stage-Coach". The almanac will present author's news and creativity works in a presentation format. In almanac will be present novels and poetry for readers on eClub in the future.

    The almanac "Stage-Coach", according subscription 'Mercury.Cyber', will announce release of the new books.

    So, the situation is to some extent clear. Now, If to return to said, it is necessary, I think, to explain some parameters my acquaintance with you.

    By eClub's rules of a correct society, I want see person and people, - I will open eClub for people with personal photo.

    By eClub's rules I have to learn information, which satisfies to a format of the subscription has given to you: Cyber - mini-information about you with mini-works for you on eClub.

    I have no unique proof of your interst for something to read on author's club today ... And, nevertheless, in some months you are coming here for receipt eClub's bonuses and open of their by the password for yours subscription on eClub.

    If you will have any problems, inform me by internal mail (information on your account).

    Why I have not present author's editions now, as was announced?

    Because I have mistaken to asked a political asylum in the unsuitable country under the counterfeit form for visa.

    After Shouts and come out off Austria'a embassy to post, the letter with my documents was stolen, the date of sending is forged, the attack is organized to me, flat, cat, and for all my questions by the counterfeit phone number has deafened 'Nicht' to me.

    Since May 4th 2009 I'm is asking so asylum in Australia but ... they are closed all answer for all my questions about rights is out off life with absence so marital status as 'SINGL'.

    Certainly, settlement in refuge with a prickly wire, in Darwin (example) and absence of the right to work is take no rescue for the life and creativity.

    Now I send so request to the third country but it have very little hope.

    Why I write self-publishing now, if I have no country for this works?

    I do not write, that I publish the books, that you can buy one of my books today. I know, that I 'm is author of the books only, which does not wish to give back the rights to publisher for earning money. And as the author, I have no right to take number (ISBN) for my books, and without so number, I have no right to expose the book in sale. I have circle is One more closed.

    But I have a right to publish as free-of-charge... And I'm is publishing and editing author's magazines, which will not be presented is deserving attention, probably, - they have no glossy rustling and will not be dazzle advertisings ... But everything, that is said on author's e-magazines, is said by me, is edited and is issued: without numbers(ISBN) I have the right to distribute my editions as free-of-charge.

    When I shall receive the country: bog or future, then I will become self-publishing for receive numbers for my books and will open the world of own books to any buyers and readers.

    Think, I have answered for some questions about me.

    Author's ANNOUNCE


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